About Absolute Safety Group

To protect your most valuable assets, we make safety a part of what you do, nothing extra.

We are a firm comprised of safety consultants with over 50 years of combined experience in the petrochemical, construction, and industrial fields. Through working in the various fields, We have come together to improve safety in the work-place through it's management systems. Absolute Safety Group believes developing a safety culture is an evolving and ongoing process and must be continually managed in order to improve and lessen the hazards of the work-site. Our core values are to stay true to what we believe and believe that safety is truly what we do, nothing else.

Looking to make your company's safety culture above the rest?


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Safety Personnel

Absolute Safety Personnel (ASP) offers a wide variety of qualified/certified safety professionals.

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Absolute Safety Training Services (ASTS) We offer a very wide variety of safety training for all your company's needs to be compliant with all governing bodies. ASTS also offers Computer-Based Training and has the application to track all of your employees current training.  Through this ASTS specific software, we are able to alert you and your employee when he/she needs updated training, giving you the peace of mind that you are always in compliance.

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Absolute Safety Consulting (ASC) Our consulting services are sure to take your company to the next level.  We have the years and experience to accomplish and provide anything you need when it comes to safety.

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Absolute Safety Technologies (AST) We can provide ongoing monthly safety support to ensure processes are being followed and your work environment continues to operate safely.

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Retainer Services

Need help in the day to day operations of a fully functioning HSE department?

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